openSUSE:Board election 2020 platform cabelo

In this text I share to members of the openSUSE community, succinctly / objectively, the reasons why I am applying for the openSUSE board member seats. I emphasize that I do not consider myself better than the other candidates, and even these carry attributes / characteristics to also occupy that position.

Mini Bio: Born in Bebedouro (interior of SP) on 05/27/1972, Founding partner of the company OITI / NETi TECNOLOGIA since 1996. First contact with technology in 1983, when 11 years old, in the city of Bebedouro (interior of SP). Takes Linux seriously, researches and works with biometrics and computer vision since 1998. Experience with facial biometrics since 2003,artificial neural networks and neurotechnology since 2009. Inventor of CERTIFACE technology, more than 100 lectures given, 14 printed articles published,more than 8 million page views in the 120 articles published on Maintains open source projects and official linux packages, commiter openCV, OWASP SP Board Member, Global Innovator Intel, Mozillians Member and FIA Teacher.

Below are the main reasons that led me to apply for this position:

  • I’m in love with openSUSE and SUSE;
  • I take Linux seriously on the market since 1998;
  • I defend the collaborative spirit and the Free Software community;
  • I breathe openSUSE (at home and at work);
  • I grew up with the Free Software community;
  • I work with several contributions to the community (some evidence in this link);
  • Ability and network / relationship in the market to promote openSUSE in Computer Vision and AI projects (Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Google and others);
  • And the most important openSUSE is LIFE!

Role of the board

My goal is to increase the presence of openSUSE in the corporate market, and to make local companies trained to support this market. With this, in addition to evangelizing openSUSE Linux, we will have more job creation, increased circulation of financial resources and more revenue for the local government and, consequently, more resources for investment in basic services (health, education, security and others).

More information:

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